Frequently Asked Questions

How much gratuity is "expected"?

While all gratuities are strictly optional, they are greatly appreciated by your driver. 
It is a reflection of the service you have been provided.  In other words, we critique our 
work by the feedback of the client. 
The tip is your feedback, a way of expressing  your opinion. The customary tip amount is 15 - 20%, subject to your discretion.

What refreshments are provided?  

Coke Products, Bottled Water.
You may request something different.

What if I need more time than my reservation? 

Your driver can arrange for additional time if the time is not "chartered" 
for someone else. You will be charged at the end of the evening.

What is the difference between "Charter" and "Pick and Drop Service"?

"Charter" means you have exclusive use of the vehicle during the time booked. 
Even if you are not in the limo, the period of time has been reserved 
especially for you and cannot be used by anyone else. You may leave personal
 items in the vehicle.  During this time, the driver will refuel, refill 
beverage coolers and touch up the inside of the limo for your convenience. 
"Pick and Drop Service"
is just like it sounds: you are picked up at one location and dropped off at another location. Your rates have been based upon where you are going to and from.  There are no other stops in between or the hourly charge will be incurred. 
There is always a specific amount of time (usually 4 hours) required between pick ups.
The company will use the vehicle for other work therefore no belongings 
may be left in the vehicle and it is possible that a completely different vehicle 
and driver may pick you up and take you to your drop off point. 



What are the prom requirements? 

Since this reservation should be made as far in advance as possible, it is 
firm when a deposit is received. We require a signed "contract" 
by all promgoer's and their parents regarding alcohol and drug use.
(Many more details are written on our Prom page)

How do you handle cancellations? 

Most events require a deposit or payment in full with the balance paid two weeks
 before the event. Therefore two weeks notice is needed for any credits.  Last minute
 cancellations are subject to full charges because vehicle cannot be rebooked at last minute.

Corporate Cancellations are 72 hours unless other arrangements have been made.


What is excess and oversize baggage? 

More than two bags per person. Extremely large suitcases. Skis and snowboards, golf bags.

(purses, briefcases and laptop computers do not count as bags)

We provide large baggage valet service at a small additional charge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Pre Approved Corporate Charge Account  or in special instances,
personal checks which will clear two weeks in advance of your event.

Gratuity (tip) is usually cash but can be added at the time of reservation, or at the time of your service, to your credit card.